Wasatch Railroad Contractors

Recent Features Stories

February 12, 2019

Garet Schlabs and Zack Wiltanger, winners of the 2018 Southeastern Conference Championship, are student...

The Botanic Gardens

February 4, 2019

A local attraction, the Botanic Gardens consist of a conservatory, children's village,...

Foreign Foods Class

February 4, 2019

Foreign Foods is an elective at MJHS. It is a class where students are able to make a bunch of different...

Recent Sports Stories

Why You Should do a Sport

January 30, 2019

Did you know that 25% of kids don't play a sport according to the Boston Globe?  Mrs. Kinkade,...

January 28, 2019

At least two times a week, a girls' 12 and under team comes together to practice the game they...

The Benefits of Softball

October 22, 2018

Recent Activities Stories

January 30, 2019

The Valentine's Day dance will be February 14th from 6-8 pm. Please make sure that you have a ride to...

Lunchroom Preparation

January 30, 2019

Every day 7th and 8th graders line up one by one, ready to dive into the food the lunch staff have prepared...

December 7, 2018

Thank you for your participation in the Display Case Competition. The student work was amazing! Congratulations...

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