Favorite and least favorite electives

Jackson Fetsco, Writing

As we enter the second quarter of the year, students at McCormick Jr. High should be settled into their classes and electives. If you don’t know already, which is worrying if you don’t, electives are classes that  are optional and can be chosen by students. Some include music, theater, art, skills for life, and  publications. Publications students are the ones who add stories to this online newspaper, like the story your reading right this minute.

Mark, A 7th Grader At McCormick Jr. High

Some students enjoy their electives and what they learn from those classes. Some enjoy the subject, others like their teachers, and some just don’t care. “I really enjoy theater and art,” Says Mark, A 7th Grader At McCormick.

Miykah Hansen, a 7th grader, said, “My electives are my favorite classes because I took fun electives and not boring ones.”

Umer Fraley, a 7th grader, was happy to report, “I like all my electives. Oh, yeah. I like all my elective classes because they are not boring and the teachers are nice to me.”

“Like, I don’t know how to describe it. In one elective class you can go out and do stuff. In another you can make projects and stuff. In core classes you sit down and work,” reflected Aspen Custin, a 7th grader at McCormick.

There are also others that don’t enjoy their electives. Some didn’t get what they expected, others don’t like their teachers, and some were forced by their parents to choose it.

Miykah doesn’t enjoy all her elective classes. “The teacher gives tests every week and we don’t need tests every week. We can learn by studying every week and not having only one day to study for a test and then forgetting all the words from that test the next week.”