The Benefits of Softball

Cameron Moyte, Staff Writer

At least two times a week, a girls’ 12 and under team comes together to practice the game they all love, softball. They work towards a winning season and in the process build lasting friendships.

The weekly practices for the team are organized so that each part of softball is practiced. On Mondays they have a team practice and work on all the fundamentals of softball. On Fridays, they work on hitting and pitching. And on the last day of the week, Sunday, they come together to practice pitching and fielding.

One of the most important keys to winning the game of softball is pitching. According to 7th grader, Aubrey Trujillo, one of the pitchers on the Cheyenne Extreme Softball Team, “Our pitchers need to focus, because when we don’t focus we tend to not pitch as well.”

A couple of months ago in a fall ball tournament, Aubrey accomplished one of her goals by getting three strikeouts in a row. She said, “I felt so proud that I didn’t let my team down, and I’m glad to have such a supportive team by my side.” All the hard work at practice paid off. Winning a game isn’t the only benefit to practicing.

One of the biggest things you can take away from the game of softball is the friendships. “The girls who you begin to spend tournaments and almost every night with practicing, turn into your family.” Aubrey says. The team looks forward to a successful season, and the memories to come.