Why You Should do a Sport


Vincent Picard

Did you know that 25% of kids don’t play a sport according to the Boston Globe?  Mrs. Kinkade, MJHS P.E. teacher, explained why some kids don’t play sports. She said, “Sports get you off your phone and away from video games kids play.” Some kids want to stay on their phones for social media and games so athletics doesn’t seem as important.

Playing sports is a way to stay fit and healthy. To be fit, one must exercise. Some kids decide to play a sport as their form of exercise.

At McCormick, it’s easy to play a sport. Mrs. Kinkade says, “All you need is a physical form and the desire to participate.” McCormick has so many sports students can participate in: volleyball, wrestling, track, football, basketball, and swimming.  Junior high sports allow for a lot of game time.”You’ll always get to play,” Mrs. Kinkade says.

The enjoyment of sports is endless! Students should find asportthat they like. There are many options and chances to grow as both an athlete and a human. Mrs Kinkade says,” There are so many sports that you definitely will find one you will like.”