Lunchroom Preparation


Aubrey Trujillo, staff writer

Every day 7th and 8th graders line up one by one, ready to dive into the food the lunch staff have prepared for them. Students wait in line patiently with student ID numbers memorized and ready to type in.

Every day, the lunch staff pans up the food, cooks it, and serves it. The food gets mixed reviews but the amount of work doesn’t change. Many students enjoy the food and many don’t- it all depends on personal opinion. 7th grader Bella Garcia says, “the food is good.”  7th grader Brooke Gagen says her favorite meal made this year was the pancakes. Lastly, 7th grader Malorie Smith says her favorite meal served this year was the spicy chicken sandwich.

As I walk past the students in the lunchroom I can smell and hear wonderful things about the pancakes. The head cook, Misty Corliss, says her favorite meal she served and cooked this year was the pizza. As you are placing your opinion out to others make sure to say your comments kind and sincere.