Speech- Difficult and Rewarding

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Speech- Difficult and Rewarding

Logan Roedel, Staff Writer

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McCormicks speech class has many personalities and that is what 
makes it great. Austin Winstead says his favorite 
part about speech is, "... the class comes together like a family."

There are two teachers, Mrs Morrow 
and Mr Anderson, who both teach
English as well. Speech students
 give many types of speeches. 
Students have worked on famous
 speeches, personal speeches,
 and informative speeches. 
Austin says, "...famous like Bush
 and Washington". 

With the upsides of speech there are the downsides.In speech, 
you give many speeches, one of the most difficult ones was the two 
minute memorized speech;Austin gave George Bush's 911 speech. 
The most recent speech was a informative speech, students had 
to reach a four minute mark to receive a proficient grade.
Speech can be a difficult class because students have to 
memorize speeches and it can be difficult to perform in front
of a large group of people. "Is speech hard? Yeah, absolutely, 
but what is life without a 
good challenge," reflected Austin. 

Even though speech can be difficult students still enjoy it.
Austin said that he wants to continue speech and looks 
forward to to doing so.