The Reason You Should Play For McCormick


Joey Rayl, Staff writer

4Garet Schlabs and Zack Wiltanger, winners of the 2018 Southeastern Conference Championship, are student athletes at McCormick Junior High School. Being champions is amazing, but it comes with many responsibilities.

Grades must stay at a D and above to play basketball. Garet says, “I keep my grades high so I don’t have to worry about not being able to play basketball.” Garet is a straight A student. Keeping his grades up is his number one focus so that he can go to practices and games and work on his basketball skills. Unfortunately,failing grades keeps some students from participating. Every week some students can’t playing a game because of eligibility. The goal is for students to balance sports and school. With this kids are more focused on their grades and to keep them above passing so they can play basketball.

A the hard work is worth it. Garet has made many connections with kids over basketball and it helps him make more connections in school. He loves traveling with friends and making great memories.