What is publications?


Emme Spohr, Staff writer

Publications in an elective at McCormick. But what is publications? “Publications is a class where we learn to shoot video, to edit video, and we learn how to make that picture or video look really good with shot composition, and of course,we make the announcements,” explained the teacher Anna Fruwirth.  Ms. Fruwirth has been teaching publications for one year at McCormick but also teaches TV at Central High School. She has been teaching TV/publications for a total of almost 9 years now.

She makes publications fun by letting students be themselves. She trusts students and this allows the publications students to go out on their own or and groups and shoot with  friends. Students are required to make pieces for the announcements but also work on assignments to build skills and those pieces are rarely aired. The best thing about publications class in that there is always a positive attitude all around the room. If you are interested in taking the class then please speak with Ms. Fruhwirth before school.

By: Emersen Spohr