Skateboarding is a good hobby


Amanda Sinnott, Staff Writer

The skateboarding community is commonly overlooked so people don’t understand the positives of skateboarding. Skateboarding can bring people closer together, helps kids be more physically fit, and is a fun thing to get into.

Mck Shaw and Ben Buseck, local skaters, agree. Mck is from Cheyenne,Wyoming and started skateboarding when he was young. “I started skateboarding when I was five when my brother gave me his old board and it all kind of started from there,” Mck says. Ben started skateboarding six months ago when his friends convinced him to start. “My friends kind of convinced me to start skateboarding and I’m glad I started. The skateboarding community is really cool and the people are nice,” says Ben.

While enjoying fun times with friends, skateboarding can keep kids physically fit. Kids don’t always have to run or play a team sport to stay active. Skateboarding helps kids learn balance and coordination as well as strengthening leg muscles. Learning tricks is a good way to coordinate multiple parts of the body which is a big achievement.There are lots of different deck designs and tricks kids can learn to make the skateboarding experience their own.

Overall skateboarding is a fun experience and definitely worth it to try.