Ways English Can be a Fun Class

Emma Smith, Staff Writer

Many students think of English as a boring class. Don’t get me wrong, it can be,but if you have the right teacher or you find the right book for you, English can be fun. English is one of those subjects where you have to learn it in order to basically pass school. Mrs. Morrow makes English more than just a box to tick or a credit to complete. She proves to us that reading and English can be a fun thing. English is a very important subject because it leads to everything else in life. “Reading proves to the teachers that you are learning something,” says Mrs. Morrow.

English can be one of those subjects where once you get into it, you can’t stop. I asked Mrs. Morrow to list a few of her favorite things about teaching English. She said, “My favorite part about teaching English is getting into a really deep conversation with my students.” The part she enjoys the most is one that will help you enjoy English. If you really get into it, you will most likely enjoy it. Go for it! and just try to have some fun because English is very helpful.