Talan Keller

Orchestra is a class offered to both seventh and eighth graders at McCormick Jr. High. If you want to try a new instrument orchestra has many options of stringed instruments. Everyone is welcome to join orchestra.

Orchestra is a fun class that teaches you many life lessons that will be useful your entire life. It teaches responsibility.  You must remember your music and instrument every day. It teaches you perseverance. You will need to practice 15 to 20 minutes every day.

This class could be the funnest class you take all year as long as long as you put the effort in. Don’t expect to join the class and get an easy A. This class demands effort. If your willing to put the effort in and practice then this is the class for you.

“Orchestra is very fun class,” says an orchestra student,” but it also really hard, if you don’t practice the music she gives you.”