Soccer in Cheyenne

Reuben McGuire

According to ESPN, when looking for a team sport, many American children turn to football, basketball, baseball, or volleyball. But many excel at futbol, or soccer, the most popular sport worldwide, according to World Atlas.

Coach Kelly
Coach Kelly

“[The difference between Sting and the recreational league is] probably the intensity level: the competitiveness that goes into it.” Coach Cole Kelly explained the difference between the Cheyenne Soccer Club’s recreational soccer league and its competitive team, Sting. “Rec, it’s more about learning the skills and learning the game. Sting is just an advanced version of that. . . The difference is one is a travel team [Sting] and one isn’t. They do the same thing, they focus on the same fundamentals, but one’s a travel team and one’s not. One’s city and one’s travel.” The Sting team plays against teams in the state’s surrounding area. 

Many experts speak of the benefits of playing team sports, such as soccer, so Coach Kelly explained some of them. “Teambuilding, making sure you can work within a team, cohesion, cooperation, understanding, empathy,” Kelly listed, “there’s a lot of things that go into a team sport.” He emphasized on the importance of understanding your teammates, and how learning that can help kids in their adult lives. “Because you have to work as a unit, and any time you’re having to work in a business or any other function of life, you have to work with others, and in order to do that, you have to be able to understand how to work with others in order to accomplish whatever it is you’re doing.” 

However, not just anyone can play soccer. You need a bit of background knowledge on performing certain skills. “Fundamentals: ball control, passing, and understanding the fundamentals of the game,” Kelly explained, “and those are all things you can learn in Sting or in rec.” 

This is Coach Kelly’s first year as a head coach in the Cheyenne Soccer Club. “Because I like this sport a lot, and I feel it’s something that’s important to everybody. The whole world does it, so we might as well, too,” he stated, “and my daughter plays it, and everybody seemed to be having a good time, and she asked me to coach, so I did.” 

The Cheyenne Soccer Club has leagues for ages four and up, including adult leagues. Children and teens can sign up for the recreational league or try out for the competitive Sting team. For more information, visit