How To Be Internet Safe


Bella Garcia

There are dos and don’ts on the internet that keep users safe – no matter the age. Melissa Garcia, a computer para at Dildine Elementary, is teaching her students how to be internet safe. She has internet rules and games to play to teach kids about internet safety. She uses a Google created  game called “Interland” which helps kids on not only being nice to one an other but also some internet safety rules and and how to make a strong.  In the game there are four different worlds that theach you how to be safe online:

Reality River is the red world where players have to cross the river without falling in the river and have build a bridge with the right answers.

Kindness Kingdom is the green world which teaches kids to be nice and spread kindness to other people who are sad and together players must defeat the bullies.

Tower of Treasure is the orange world where players have to make sure the players’ towers don’t fall by making a strong password.

Mindful Mountain is the blue world and players have to email the right friends with a mirror and laser and make sure the players don’t email the wrong ones.

The main takeaway from Ms. Garcia is to”have a strong password with numbers and symbols, don’t email people you don’t know, and don’t share your address to people you don’t know.” These are just someways to be computer safe at any age.