Pole Vaulting – MJHS Track and Field

Collin Handley, Staff Writer

Pole Vaulting is a sport that requires confidence, training, skill, and a little bit of craziness. Porter West, an 8th grade Vaulter said,”You have to do exercises that you don’t think will help, but when you go to do it (pole vaulting) they end up helping you.”

“Being a pole vaulter takes a lot more work than it looks like it should,” explained Emma Smith, an 8th grade vaulter. While it seems straight forward, jump over the pole, it is difficult. “Pole Vaulting is a very tactical sport and something could go wrong every time you vault,” said Miles Porwall, a 7th grade vaulter that won the pole vault event at most of the meets. There are multiple ways pole vaulting can go wrong, including but not limited to, not planting the pole on the box, holding too high on your pole, and running from the wrong distance. Pole vaulting can also go extremely right when you plant right, drive with the correct leg, and make it over the bar by multiple feet. Pole vaulting is a very fun event.