Leaving for East


Joey Rayl, Staff Writer

Most all of the 8th grade students here at McCormick are leaving for Central High School next year, but few are leaving for East High School. Student athlete, Garet Schlabs, is headed to East and knows it may difficult but also great.

Most kids think it would be very hard to leave your group of friends, Garet agrees,”Its hard leaving my friends that I’ve played sports with for over nine years.” He knows that he will be able to make connections at East,” I have friends on the other side of town so I’ll be good.”

Garet says he’s excited for his new journey and adventure at East because he knows people there and he’s ready to blend in with their culture. His friends over at East have become really close with him in the past couple years and he’s excited to go to school with them. He’s had a really good experience  at McCormick with his friends and the staff. He says it was a really good two years but he’s ready to go to high school.

Garet reflected, ” Im actually really excited to go over and into a new triad.”