What Choir Means To Us


Mallory Smith, Staff Writer

People can connect in many different ways, and singing is one of them. Here at McCormick, we have several choir classes that students can choose to take: chambers singers, varsity choir, concert choir, boys choir, girls choir, and vocal jazz. Jordan Kennedy and other students are wrapping up their Mccormick choir career and telling us what choir means to them. “Choir helps me to sing my point across rather than say it,” says Jordan, an eighth grader at McCormick. Choir helps some students show others who they are. “Choir helps me express who I am, because I’m not very outspoken, so choir helps me to do that,” says Ava Beveridge. As the choir year wraps up, we’re looking at how we grew as a whole. “I feel like music is just one thing that binds us all together,” Lily Leman reflected. Ava and Lily are both eighth graders and were hit hard about having to leave McCormick choir and Mrs.Dryden.

The choir students recently had their last concert and they decided to do something special for the choir teacher, Mrs. Dryden. Jordan Kennedy presented various gifts to Mrs. Dryden and she spoke on what choir has helped her accomplish. “Mrs. Dryden and choir have helped me overcome my stage fright,” she said while talking to a huge crowd in the Central auditorium.

At the end of the concert, there were many tears and hugs all around as the beloved eighth grade choir students wrapped up their last concert. Though they were sad, the students knew they would always be connected to their friends and teacher through choir, even in the years to come.