The 4014’s Return


Melanie Lewis

The famous  4014 “Big Boy” ran for the first time in 58 years on May 4, 2019. The trip started in Wyoming and ended in Utah where people celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike.

The 4014  is one of the last eight remaining Big Boys. Others have been preserved in parks or museums and not one has run since 1961, until now. The original name for the “Big Boy” was supposed to be “The Wasatch” but after a worker there wrote “Big Boy” on the front of the engine, because of how big it is, the name changed.

People from all over the world came to see the return of the 4014. “It’s like looking at another dimension,” stated Susi Landenberger from Switzerland. Susi and her husband came to the U.S.A to explore national parks and on their way they decided to watch the Big Boy come back into Cheyenne. “I met my husband fifty years ago and since fifty years I have been interested in trains and steam engines,” Susi says.

Susi and her husband own a miniature train shop of their own in Switzerland where they give miniature train rides to people. They say that this  the 4014  running is one of the biggest events they’ve seen.

The Big Boy is a very popular steam engine that over Thousands of people watched and that they’ll never forget.