Emme Spohr, Staff Writer

I’ve been playing softball since 5th grade. It is a constant in my life.

I moved to Wyoming in 2018. I have lived in Wyoming for almost a year now. The team I’ve recently joined has made me feel great about myself. My softball team is one of the best things that has happened to me since I’ve moved to Wyoming. Softball described in one word to my team and me is “fun.” Softball is fun because not only are you still learning from the sport and growing from your mistakes, you are having fun in the process with your friends. My teammates help me and the other girls learn from our mistakes. They also help me and others grow as a player and a person. My team wouldn’t be here without my coach. My coach, Becky, started coaching softball when her daughter was 7 – so she has been coaching for 6 years now. Becky said, ” I enjoyed coaching softball so much she decided to take it to the next level and coach competitive softball.” Even though I haven’t been on the team that long I’ve already started to feel like I really belong and that I’ve joined the softball family.