Swim Meets


Vincent Picard, Staff Writer

Many people participate in sports. Swim meets are unique. Wyoming swimmers travel around the state to compete. To some swimmers, competing at this level is to qualify for bigger meets. MJHS newspaper sat down with a local swimmer who goes to MJHS to discuss what goes on at a swim meet.

“At a swim meet you arrive and then go to warm up,” Ethan says. Warmup is a time when swimmers jump in the pool and prepare for the meet both physically and mentally. Most warmups last for 20 minutes for each team, and they normally will have different teams warming up at the same time.

“Once the meet starts you wait for your event to get called and then you go to your assigned lane and wait for your heat. Once your heat is up the official says,’ take your mark’ then you go!” Ethan enjoys the competition, ” This is the most exciting part of the meet.”

“Most people who go to swim meets hope to cut time in the events that they swim so they can qualify for big meets such as State, Zones, and Regionals.” Ethan Merril recently competed in the Northwest Age Group Regionals -a competition that the best swimmers around the Northwest Region come to compete and take first in their events they qualified in. Qualifying in an event means that you went a certain time or below that time.

For the fast approaching summer state, Ethan hopes to qualify for the Western Age Group Zones. Another meet that requires a qualifying time.