Last Day


Aubrey Trujillo

At the junior high level, many things need to happen before the end of the year.  Students are busy with district assessments, turning in equipment, and cleaning out all of their lockers. Because of the shift in patterns and time pressures students may start to feel stressed and start to act out.  As the end of the year comes, more and more behavioral issues tend to occur.

The students began to get more and more excited that summer is right around the corner. It’s the feeling of freedom that is so alluring. According to Mrs. Olsen, a skills for life teacher at MJHS, the end of the school year can be rough. “Some days are definitely hard. The thing that motivates me the most when I’m teaching is the students so when I see the students grow and learn something that really motivates me to continue.”

Students remember to stay calm- the year is almost over so let’s end the year positively. Stay strong with your academics and behave for your teachers because you may be stressed, but they are even more stressed.