Transition Assembly


On May 22, MJHS 8th graders went to the transition assembally at Central High School. The assembly is intended to welcome the 8th graders and say goodbye to seniors. The assembly takes place every year. Changes were made this year to make the assembly more welcoming for MJHS students.

The assmebly started with the 8th graders sitting down looking out to all of the upper classmen.  They watched the  CHS choir perform the “Star Spangled Banner” and the color guard performance with the flags (pictured below). Students representing clubs and athletics at Central played a game. Four MJHS students participated.  And after all that all the students all watched a video for the seniors to say goodbye one last time. The video included every senior except three that chose not to participate.

8th graders were kept in the gym after all other classes left to learn the victory cheer. The victory cheer is normally performed at the assemblies and is often a competition between the classes to see who can cheer the loudest. The winners are in charge of the spirit stick.

Despite CHS’s efforts, the activities still felt lacking according to a few 8th graders in attendance.

The MJHS 8th grade students felt that they weren’t very included in the assembly. An 8th grader,Tayler Beeken, said, “I thought it was pointless because Central didn’t involve the upcoming freshman.” One of the main reasons the 8th graders felt left out was they were giving the athletic awards for that year out to the CHS students but didn’t have any awards for the MJHS students.