Tr1be Basketball


Tribe basketball is a program that brings junior high kids up to high school practices and camps to help them learn how it feels to run plays, understand the environment, and how competitive it is at that stage. One of the players, Mason DeHoffs, explains what Tribe basketball means to him. “I love to play basketball and go play basketball with my friends and it’s just fun and a competitive environment.”  Mason’s brother,Marcus DeHoff, also loves basketball.  “My favorite part about tribe basketball is the competition and how we get to compete against older guys and getting ready for the next level when we get to high school.” Carson Brown, another tribe player, explains how tribe basketball helps in the future. “It helps me in the future by knowing the plays and the coaches and knowing the Central environment and know how it feels when I’m up there at that level.”

The team has won many tournaments at P2P (Power 2 Play) at the 7th/8th grade level.  But now that they are playing with all the big kids they hope to make bug gains. The athletes will need to work harder to stay at the high school level.